Multibagger versus Sandbagger

Multibagger verses Sandbagger- Model II

  • The Multibagger has an additional 9 inches of height between the deck/platform and the chutes to accommodate different size bags including larger mulch bags.
  • The Multibagger has a slide gate instead of a swing gate to prevent materials from packing in the chutes (if you are bagging a stringy material like some mulches it helps to cut off the material).
  • The Multibagger comes equipped with a 13 HP Honda engine verses the 5.5 HP Honda engine this helps to bag the various landscape materials.
  • The Multibagger has an encapsulated auger (has a rounded bottom to prevent material from getting in the corners and binding the machine).
  • The Multibagger has individual controls for the auger and the agitator to help with the handling of different materials (forward and reverse controls for each).
  • A hydraulic vibrator- HLF-700 comes standard on the Multibagger.