April 3, 2009

Minnesota Army National Guard

“The Sandbagger™ was the most effective tool we had available in our fight against the flood waters. Little training was needed to operate the machine and no special qualifications were necessary. Its reliability and ease of use attests to its superior engineering”

April 3, 2009

The West Jefferson Levee District

Harry Cahill President of the West Jefferson Levee District, Board of Commissioners Marrero LA says:
“I can say our production increased 500 %. Our employees are also very enthusiastic with its operation”

April 3, 2009

Department of the Army

“The Sandbagger™ could do the work of 40 people with shovels and bags”

April 3, 2009

Grand Forks Emergency Management

Emergency Manager Jim Campbell Says:
“Sandbagger™ worked so efficiently that we leased a second one in addition to the one we purchased.”

April 2, 2009

Flood Control

Sandbagger Corp. Introduces new product for bagging materials The Sandbagger Corporation, Wauconda, is making its first product diversification with the introduction of a line of multi purpose bagging machines that increase production by 500 percent compared with filling of bags the traditional way.

The newly developed Mutibagger™ is designed to handle all types of materials including compost. mulch, blended soils, worm castings, aggregates and other landscape materials. Until now the four-year-old company has made only machines for sandbagging purposes  and is the leader in this field.

Tim Vandergrift, president, said the Multibagger™ features a 11 horse-power engine.  He said it has many applications for use by the general public as well as public works and other government departments.

The operator friendly Multibagger can have as many as three operators at one time at their own  filling station. The machine is engineered to alleviate back strain and fatigue. The unit is safe to operate and easy to transport from site to site.

Vandergrift said, “This is a machine waste management industry has been looking for since general public awareness has in creased concerning the importance of recycling, and diverting yard waste materials from land fills to composting facilities.

For more information, contact the Sandbagger Corp. at P.O.Box 5798
, Villa Park IL 60181 or call tollfree at 1-800-770-SAND